Accelerating Entrepreneurship

The Catalyst is a startup technology accelerator based at Masdar City. It aims to support startups focusing on sustainable technology and accelerate their business through funding, training and mentorship.

How The Catalyst works

Twice a year, The Catalyst offers up to ten startups focused on sustainable technology an opportunity to accelerate their businesses through funding, training, mentorship and access to a world class network of industry experts and investors.

Successful applicants will receive up to $50,000 funding and a 6 month period of support, training and advice to help grow their business.
The formal programme will conclude with a Demo Day and pitches to the investor community. Graduates will become part of an alumni network, where they will continue to have access to key industry players and venture capital. Find out more

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We’re accepting applications for our Spring 2016 programme.


What We Offer

  • Funding
  • Office Space
  • Training
  • Legal Support
  • Mentorship

Up to $50,000 is available to sustainable technology based startups, who have met selection criteria, in exchange for equity in the company.

Access to the Innovation Centre at Masdar Institute, a collaborative co-working space designed to foster interaction between entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors.

Workshops and access to industry experts that can coach startups to prepare expert pitches to investors.

A broad array of legal advice for your startup requirements.

Our network of mentors are on hand to provide expert advice, guidance and encouragement on a regular basis throughout the programme and beyond.

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